Tradition In 1844 in Stettin (then Prussia) Johann Karl Freybe founded the Freybe company that continues to thrive today. With a vision then of creating great food, the right way, this legacy lives on with the 6th generation Freybe, Sven still living those ideals by which our company was founded.

In 1955, Ulrich Freybe moved the company to Vancouver, Canada, providing the opportunity to introduce our wonderful products to a whole new consumer, but also open us up to other cultural influences within our business.

Spanning 3 centuries, many of the recipes and processes we use to make our products remain as they were in the 1800’s. Traditional, authentic recipes made by skilled and caring hands continue to be the benchmark of taste and quality that our brand represents.

We are extremely proud of our heritage and in the 21st century continue to embrace the craftsmanship of old. As a taste driven company, with a global outlook, we continue to identify food trends across the world and will utilize many of these ingredients into our traditionally crafted foods, to provide a unique and flavourful dining experience to our consumers.